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Monday, April 09, 2007

Easy IITJEE paper

Lovely!!!!You come after 3+2+3 hours of hard work

9-12 :- almost a shaky start, and some nervousness arising due to the need of getting the essence of the past two years (actually more) into one crucial day and to do all this in a place you have never been to , before.
12-2 :- might seem the easiest part of the day but is actually the toughest. Getting some food into your stomach and expecting to digest it without any oxygen supply coz the brain has taken it all, is as likely as ending up with JEE rank 1. And then the pressure of not looking into the first paper (you wouldn't like to have a depressed mind, or even an over-confident one - entering the second test)
2-5 :- Get back to work.And it doesn't really matter if the afternoon is hot and the electricity supply is, well ...... typically Indian. The exam is the most important thing during the three hours and a slight dip in concentration may spell disaster.

Ok, after having excerted yourself for the eight hours , you hear people saying it was an easy paper, and... and even though you know those speakers might actually never make it, you are literally forced to believe that you missed out.

Were the eight hours 'easy'? Definitely not. The questions might have been easier but the paper, it was by no means easy. Anyways, it doesn't really matter if the questions are easy or difficult , its going to be the same set of people (with minor changes) who actually make it.

IITJEE is never difficult. Its not the high level of knowledge, or the complicated theorems, its just plain application of what you know, how well you know it, and ofcourse how well you use it. The questions were tricky, no doubt. There were ocassions when the questions trapped me, and literally induced mistakes. Deadly 'match the following'. All in all an excellent question paper, trademark IITJEE.

I hope you'll leave comments, and also an estimate of your scores (the solutions are available at www.fiitjee.com - i know most of you already know it) . Any guesses for what the top score is going to be???


Gr81 said...

Well a very nice post i must say!!

As far as I think, this was NOT an IIT JEE paper.

Before the paper, I had planned that ok, I'll try about half of the paper. Coz as far as I knew, IIT JEE papers are supposed to test your "in-depth" knowledge of the topic.

After the paper, I end up cursing the paper maker (Ok I've been doing that after most of my Boards paper too.. :p)
I mean IS THIS THE LEVEL OF IIT JEE? Questions that looked like CBSE level ques?

The Result: Those who had mugged up all formulae would certainly do better than those who use their basics. Just like the AIEEE or DCE paper.

Anyway life goes on...
@Ankit: I haven't calculated my marks yet, but wat abt u??


Pep was easy! My expected score according to FIITJEE is 331. I dun know whether it is gud or bad. I expect the top score to be above 400!!

Arun Chaganty said...

I found the paper much easier than I expected, but I really didn't see it being CBSE level. I found the questions were quite thoughtful, but there were too many stupid questions that kinda killed it. I got ~ 318.

The paper was in my view a killer for people like me who make silly mistakes. Checking only the class 1 silly mistakes (The silliest of silly mistakes type of thing: Eg: which of these is the least == which of these is the greatest. Marking a <1 but not marking a<2) I would have gotten a good deal more. Probably the same for everyone.

I hope that 318 of mine get me a good rank, but i'm scared that I'll end up with a shitty rank because everyone else aced the paper.

Abhishek said...

i know the comment is totally unrelated to the post but its imp.i want to know abt the kvpy summer camp.is it compulsory to attend it n is it really worth it?do they provide accomodation n meals?the fact is they havent sent the deatils but the bookings have to be made.

Sunita said...

i agree with Ankit that the paper was not easy but if u compare it to previous years' papers then yes maybe...i think maths paper 2 was a standard paper-the only paper i call typical IITJEE stuff.
i agree wholeheartedly with rasagy - those who mugged up formulae would certainly be better placed than those who had made sure they knew the basics and had left mugging up of formulae for AIEEE.
i never look back any any ques. paper..my opinion is jo beet gayi so baat gayi..
the bottomline is that there is no exam at present in India which actually studies ur KNOWLEDGE and not INFORMATION...which is unfortunate..

Arun Chaganty said...

I'm didn't find any need for formulae actually. All the questions were rather... direct reasoning, and basics. Not one of the questions required lengthy calculations that would require these formulae to speed up the process.

Concerning abhishek, well, the summer programme is compulsory, and it will be super duper excellent. All meals and accommodation will be provided (and I believe the travel and all will be charged to your contingency).

What are all yous doing for it? I'll probably start another post for that in the evening. I have to go out right now.

Ankit said...

Ok guys.
Rasagy found the questions cbse level. Well!! I would like to disagree. As long as the paper is good enough to stop the topper from getting 90%, its fair. (i mean to avoid the board type results where everyone gets a 95).
Fiitjee solutions give me 378, but i dont agree with 4 physics match the following (2 in each paper).
1. v = c*(sqrt(c-x^2)) should not give an shm as the velocity is always positive( ^1\2 is diff from sqrt. function)
2. and anything thrown with a velocity greater than the escape velocity follows a hyperbolic trajectory (i wonder if the direction change was with respect to an observer on the earth or the sun)
3. one wire placed inside other with opposite current should repel and inturn develop tension.
Anyways, i would love to hear ur views.

Any news on who could be the topper. I think a score of about 415 is near saturation(that is probably what the highest can be around)

In terms of marks, the paper was easy when you start counting from the bottom(one can easily score). But when you look at the tough questions, say match ques. , maybe the paper ends up being only as scoring as last year(454\552 was the highest).

Ankit said...

i forgot the camp??
now that all the engineering students are supposed to leave the scholarship, is the summer camp still on for us(as in can we or would we)
finding someone on ur own can be a difficult job?

anasuya said...

yes... the paper was a bit on the 'balanced side' and to a person who has worked his/her ass off for two years, it was an 'easy'one with occassional (trademark) traps laid in the middle... acc to FIITJEE scores, i estimate my total to be about 318... very bad, i know...
@ Ankit : i agree with you totally about the wires that repel in tension... and also about the 'change in direction' - it's a very relative question and they should have mentioned the reference frame...
but i guess, ambiguities are part and parcel of the whole thing...
to my knowledge, Ankit Garg is scoring 405...

Sunita said...

@Arun-OK agreed that the ques. paper was not formulae oriented but where were the classic ionic equilibrium,chemical equilibrium ques.?where were the trademark organic chem. ques. involving rearrangements..and since when has IIT started asking limits based on l'hospital's rule(that doesn't even have a proof)
i agree with ankit on points 1 and 3.FIITJEE solutions are never 100% reliable.
i haven't seen the solutions by FIITJEE nor have i calculated my score but seeing ur projected scores i have lost all hope of even scraping past the cut-off.it becomes all the more painfull when u get a panoramic view of the IIT tower from ur balcony...so near yet so far..

Boogerwormie said...

Hi... any idea wat the cutoff will be this year?


According to career Point The cut off will be around 30-34% in each subject..

saurya_time_travel said...

ok ppl ... who says the paper was easy. i mean i appreciated d paper ... was below standard than expected, but had some good thought churning questions.
@ rash u r rite ... some ppl who mug things up, did get an advantage i sud say, but hey guys nd galz chear up ... its over !

Aviral said...
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Aviral said...
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