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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


[Click on the Photo to Enlarge]

As far as i remember the people in the photo are:
Bottom Line (L-R): Rasagy "RaSh/Gr81", Debasish, Priyanka, Abhinav Uppal, Mr. S Mallick (our cordinator of the camp), Another Coordinator, Debanjan "ObiWanKenoby", BhagyaShree, Sunita, Prateeti, Somani (Standing behind).
2nd Line: Sandeepan Parekh "Spidy" (2nd from Left) & Saurya Prakash "Time" (Blue Shirt, behind Debanjan)
3rd Line:Swetabh "Bhakt" (Behind Twish), Twishmay "Twish/Twister" (Red & White) ..... Lagnajeet (Yellow), Manish (Blue), Pravar D Mahajan, Ankit "Pandey" (Black).
Last line: Abhishek Bhatnagar (Red Shirt), Ankit sagwal (Orange Shirt), Tanmay and Ashish.

PS: Isnt that Arpit on extreme Top Right?

Any one else whom u can identify, plz comment....

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Lagnajeet_Das said...

I forgot to write these names:

Saurya Prakash, Sandeepan(spidy), Somani, Tushar and Souptik

Sunita said...

so u expect a 331..that is a pretty decent score i must say..
do u know Sarah Panda..she must be ur classmate..do u have her email id or contact no.she was(and still is) a very close friend of..somehow i have lost her contact no.

Lagnajeet_Das said...

No i dun know Sarah's email or contact id.. but i will surely try to find it out..

Ankit said...

Seeing the photograph gave me a nice feeling. Thank you!
Your memory is slightly better. Even though i remember almost everyone by face, I had forgotten the names in the past one year.
Good memos.

Arun Chaganty said...

Oh, you guys have a small batch. Ours is huge. I'll try and get it scanned sometime. You don't know anyone in that batch other than me, but still, I shall try and undertake the duty.

debanjan said...

hey -the white blue striped t-shirt-at the lowermost queue is me.debanjan basu-obiwankenoby if u like.middle-beside prof. mallick

tanmaya said...

hi everybody.......wassup??
where and hows lyf??

nisha said...

hi i am nisha can u guys please suggest ideas as how to crack kvpy

Anku$h said...

Very nice Photo. I saw in the KVPY website. It was very bad to see that they removed the photo from the gallery. The resolution of this snap is really good too.