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Thursday, April 19, 2007

PANIC!!! New Blog Look

First of all, I'd like to apologize my absolute disregard for all the hard work Rash and Twish did for the site. I thought I could play around with the site so that the comments page would be a bit wider (since we tend to have long comments), and just change the look a bit.
As a result I made a huge huge mistake of not saving a template backup. I thought that there would be a rollback option at the stage, but it seems that there wasn't. Again, I'm so so sorry that I screwed up all your hard work, and I'm desperately hoping that you have a few back up. If not, tell me what all you had, and I'll put in the work to make sure that its back.

I hope you like the new look. I feel its a bit brighter, and easier to navigate. If you've any objects, comment about it.


TwIsTeR said...


Wherez our blog lol

Kinda shocking...

Waz familiar with the old one

TwIsTeR said...

Forgive me but I think Ill change this blog's look after 30th ( AIEEE ) ... & I dont like that STAR thing bohooooooooooooooooo sob sob sob

TwIsTeR said...

RASH did you have a backup of the lil things like the worldmap link ? or the news marques...

TwIsTeR said...

Sorry Arun !

Bringin out a couple of changes... actually I hated that "star" template... howz the new one ?

And how do we decide about the aesthetic properties of our blog ?

Arun Chaganty said...

Oooh, I like this one even more.

Gr81 said...


@Arun: THNX A LOT!!
I always wanted to switch to the new Blogger 2 Templates, but I have been a bit busy these days. Great that u took a step.

As for backing up of templates, I've a better idea: Make another blog (Say kvpyarun.blogspot.com, Change the templates (U can have some dummy posts & comments)

Then ask others about how it is.
So each of us can have a separate blog for showing templates...

PS: Just incase u dont know, by saving all the code (in your hard disk) in the Template regularly (date wise), u can keep a track of changes u have been making. So it helps in "rollback"

PPS: And dont worry I've a backup of the old template (We can use the sidebar & stuff)

PPPS: I wuld like to see Arun's template too..

PPPPS: Mayb the template shuld match with "Fused Bulbs" instead of "Melting Choclate"

PPPPPS: Sorry for so many "PSsss"

Gr81 said...

Things I would like to be changed:
-> The left & right margin: Too much space being wasted there :D
->Number of Posts shuld be < 5 on the front page.(Ok I'll change that after commenting)
->Since we have a lot of space in the sidebar, We can also add a widget which organizes posts according to labels.
->I'll label most of the old posts so we can organize them better.

I'll join with Twish for Editing after the AIEEE Exam.

Arun Chaganty said...

Yes, labeling is always a good idea.

I think that we should have a link panel on the left hand side, and the chatbox on the right hand side. and yes the margins have to go. Can we do anything about the comments page? That seems to be stuck in its mould.

I highly dissuade you from making your own blogs for material. That would just create a bunch of dead pages all over. If you have a blog, or would like to start one, go ahead, but don't make a blog exclusively for playing around. In that respect, Blogger should come out with a 'playground' or something.

My template was the star one, I think 692 or something. It was the only thing that looked nice at the time, though Twish has other views.

I knew about the back up thing, I just forgot to make a backup first.

I think we should stay a bit minimal and clean with our look. I never actually looked at the world map. The ticker and the chatbox were nice though.

Gr81 said...

If we have shoutbox on right, then we'll need to "sidebars" which isnt very easy (Incase u have gone through the CSS in the template, all Blogger templates use define only ONE Sidebar)

What I never liked was the Brown Margin. I think we shuld decrease that.

As for separate blog, trust me its a much better idea. Make a new blog (just for "playing") and then delete it after you finalize your template. I had one on which I used to make all my scripts (Like the Title bar one if anyone remembers..)

And yes I just saw the new Template Option. Much better than the old one. And very helpful coz u nned to do minimum coding.

I've added the following:
->Posts Organized by Labels
->Shoutbox (Just managed to fit it in..)
->Google Search (Though most of u hardly use it :p )
->News Flash (Below)
->Cluster Map

If u make any change in the template, do keep these.

And tell me wat else u want to add..

Gr81 said...

Commented by Lagnajeet Das:

What happened to the blog????????????????
It has lost its "corporate look". It looks like some script of the Mughal period..
Hey i liked onething that it has a changed look.. but it looks a little clumsy.. and also it doesn't show the names of the people who commented on a post on the main page..It shows only the number of comments.
(Gr81: I have the script, but it requires editing the core code so I'll do that later)

And also what's the need of so wide margins.? the main page is reduced to almost half of the full screen .. These were my observations and suggestions. C if u can do something.. But thank u (n arun) fr the change..
Change is the only constant.. u know!

Arun Chaganty said...

Ok, lets get this straight. I screwed up. I did not intend to get balls rolling, I just made a super screw up.

CONCLUSION: Have you screwed up today? Try it, it will get you more thanks than you'd believe.

Gr81 said...

come on dont say that... :p

Anyway if u get time try changing the margin width... it'll be great help
PS: U'll need some knowledge of CSS (Which I expect a genius like u 2 hav)

Arun Chaganty said...

I was trying it out, but I'm just not that good with CSS. My web-paging days were during the 99-00 , so I'm old...

Either way, the css for the comments is not there.

debanjan said...

i will call this the rural india look. i like it.
but its not like the old one
it was more.....familiar and comforting.

obiwankenoby said...

i cant post anymore-thnx to the nov 2006 changes in blogger-anyway i cant see this blog on my dashboard.this is PANIC for me.
rash add me in once more will you
to all--and if u orkut let me add you there.