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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The KVPY Summer Programme

All of us have been caught up in the exam, and I think its time for us to get back to the task at hand, the KVPY Summer Programme. I'm sure that each of us has some ideas if what to do in their bulbs, but really a lot of us haven't the least idea on how to do that. Then again, it could just be me, but I'd like to see you come out and prove me wrong, and then help me out.

So this is how it works, this first post is for each of us to list out what we plan to do, and possibly where we plan to do. You can be as descriptive as you like, and you can write a cute love story between you and quantum physics if you like. But, you get only one post, and you can edit it however much you like. (Copy the entire text and delete your old post if necessary). I want it like this so that we can keep it clean. Do post what you've done, plan to do, etc.

Now, there will be a second post following this one, where we shall discuss as freely as we'd like one what was written in the first post, as well as talking about penguins.

I hope you all pitch in and we're able to create enough volume to help each other out.


Arun Chaganty said...
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Gr81 said...

Nice post I must say!!

I'm in a worse state than you are, still here is what I have got...

Name: Rasagy Sharma
Location: Delhi

Field of Interest:
Basically Programming. But since I have a feeling KVPY ppl dont really like Computer Science, I am only left with Maths.

Research Topic:
Well I'm planning to continue my old project on Radio Tuning.
It basically deals with the Application of Calculus in Radio Tuning - Using Fourier Analysis.
(Amplitude Modulated Signals or AM Signals)

Current Status:
-> Completed a Mathematical model with one simple (dummy) example.
-> Short Presentation Made.
-> C++ Program to plot the function of the combined signal recieved by our Radio or signal of a particular station.
-> Short Simulation made in Flash.

Possible Areas of Exploring:
-> Work upon the Physics involved in Radio Tuning.
-> Find methods to improve the quality of signal recieved (Gibbs Factor in Maths, Quality Factor in Physics)
-> Mathematical Model on Frequency Modulation (And maybe compare AM & FM)

Possible Venue:
I'm not leaving Delhi for this. But no clue yet.

Possible Mentor:
Anyone will do!!

Any comments or ideas - plz plz do post in the discussion thread

Arun Chaganty said...

Name: Arun Chaganty
Location: Hyderabad (i.e. South Zone)

Research Interest:
Ok, I'm going to go haywire here, because I took a long time to come to a decision here. While superconductors and carbon nanotubes are supremely interesting to me, they are more of a passing fad. I don't want to choose such a topic because ...well, I can't really relate with them, its just not my cup of tea.

ME: ooh superconductors, I want to learn about them.
[Then CNT comes along]
ME: Wow, forget superconductors CNT is more awesome,

So, I decided to self-introspect and find out what I'm really really passionate about. After a lot of thought and a lot of debate, I realised that my passion lies in how systems connect and associate and work together. This is linked with how these systems associate themselves, order and time their actions for utmost efficiency. An utterly crazy and probably too abstract field. But I'm doomed because I'm very passionate about it. Right now, when I go to any queue, I start seeing multiple queues all entering into one (at the teller counter), and an intricate mechanism to channel these streams. This inevitably melds into a vision of the brain processing and queueing up many messages and all. Crazy I know...

Summary: How different systems of varying autonomy interact and produce order, and function efficiently (or not)

Associated Fields: Biology, Computer Science (esp. AI)

Strengths: First the strength of the field is that it is very practical. If you can understand how these work, you move staggeringly toward better computing systems, better AI, better factory processes. The field covers just so many regions.

Second, why I am going to be able to do something here: I've had a bit of experience with playing with computers (i.e programming), and I've read quite a bit about how they work, how they handle resources and how they time their actions (key words: kernel, interrupt-handler).

Weaknesses: The field is just too abstract, hence, it should be rather hard to pinpoint exactly what the heck your doing.

I'm lost at what I'm supposed to here, what part of it I should enter. Also, while I'm pretty strong in Comp.Sci. I've not had a lot of background in Bio. This may be interesting, because I've found that I can find great analogies between the two, necessitated by my lack of knowledge.

EDIT: I've found *some direction* in the name of robotics.

Efforts Undertaken (EDITED): I've just looked around a lot. I found that the IIT-B website was terrible to navigate (and find what I wanted). IIT-K on the other hand was a gold-mine. I found a very good division of robotics there. The faculty pages for that were good too. I can say the same for IIT-M and IISc (as well as IISER-Pune, though I didn't find anything there)

Finally I found my mentors, and sent them emails (can be found on the disc. thread).

Plans of Action:
I've decided to go the pukka comp.sci. route, AI.

Venues: Right now I'm focussed at IIT-K

Possible Professors/Mentors: Professor Ashish Dutta, and Amitabha Mukerjee in the CSE (I think).