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Friday, January 19, 2007


Arun , or ne1 else, plz get me a DATASHEET for the Transistors TL - 188
and TL - 187 ... EMERGENCY !

Sorry for posting this but I really need this ASAP !


( Soon get bak with a REAL Post )


Arun Chaganty said...

I can't find any datasheets. What's it for?

Gr81 said...

could u plz explain to us why u need that urgently "now" (I think that now is "past" now rite)?? You had ur Physics Pracs today - uske liye chahiye the? I have no clue why u wanted them...

Still, I'm happy to announce that my Preboards (and Pracs) are OVER!!

TwIsTeR said...

HEYY>>> This transistor worked best for a transistor switching circuit i made ... & only after soldering the dam thing did i realize i dint know ne thing about it ! So there cudve been cross questions durin viva. Though prebords practs are ove... i am saved.
I still need the damn datasheet if u can find ne, or ne info watsovever ! ! !