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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Miss you Blog !

Hey Blogmates & Readers.

This is Twish. For those who're new to this blog, just check out my intro in the archive. Im the admin of this blog though I've been so much out of touch with it.

Looking at it today, I must say Rash has been talking alot of pains adding new things to the page! Its a great job ou've done man!

A welcome to so many of the new members! I can see a couple of friendz who went to IISc as well ! Isnt it a great idea to spread out blog link to them as well... ! At last we all deserve the KVamPY title! Watsay Arun...

Time, nice generator man. Though I think that picture you've posted is miserable similar to the one I sent you about my generator ! I think I deserved a mention for the help yaar ! hehehe newayz...

Sry pals, for not posting. Not blogging. Been busy. Though the new ones ...

Take Care PPl !


~ || Twish || ~


saurya_time_travel said...

oh sorry yaar,
i should have but u know what i posted this in bout 10mins. really busy nowadays.

Gr81 said...

Atlast Twish ne phir se darshan de diye... I know u r busy these days (Studyin for the Terminals, are u??)
So any more suggestions for improving the blog? Just mail me!

Waiting for another inspiring post ( "Dead End Returns..." mayb??!!)
Keep posting!

TwIsTeR said...

howabout the next DEAD ENDS II be somewat a new BEGINNING mayb ? howabout a change of topic. I hav some gr8 origional ideas in mind, if only could the blog "" tolerate "" them. Though it concerns the post I posted on my blog HYPOTHESIZING REALITIES. Howz the idea Rash,

I actually dont want a maze of a rollercoaster ride of ideas ! But then I think a little of wierdism wud do.

No wonder u wont understand wat this comment is all about hehehe
~ Twish ~

Gr81 said...

@Twish: Nice Idea - Lets see what others think abt that (We talked abt it in the camp too...)

Or may b you should post it on your blog - though I would want to see it here...

All the Best for the Exams! (Haven't started studying for them yet!)

@Others: Koi Post karo - Aur plz comment bhi kar diya karo - Why is it only mine comment on every post (Is that coz I'm too busy wasting my time on this blog - Well I call that utilizing my time!! :)
So take some time from your "busy" schedules and post something!!