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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Ciao everybody,
This was my new project (more of a fun than a project)… I have made a van de graaf high voltage generator out of junk. Total expenses u wont believe it … Rs 25/- and a few costly hours of mine.
As u fellows know better that a van de graaf gen generates a very high voltage of the order of few millions. Just refer an NCERT class 12 book and u have a very nice topic on it. The major change that I have done is that I have used ‘theiboelectric’ effect instead of a high-tension battery.

We have certain materials that lose electrons readily and some that gain them easily. Here they are glass and rubber and plastic. I will not bore u with my worthless writings u see the pictures and comprehend likewise. I was helped by one of my local friend ... Avinandan rout. He is as talented as any of us only he could not make it to the KVPYians. I will also attach a schematic diagram to help in the comprehension.
The gen takes a lot of time to charge fully but ur hair does stand up. I specially thank Mr. Samuel Q. Field 4 his help. The idea was his but I modified it in several ways to make it better.

The van de graff gen was presented in the ‘The Uranium camp 2006’.
Just tell me if u want a detailed description and I will do so. Also if u want 2 know more about the Uranium camp (and the fun: I would love to write about it) just tell me.

Saurya "Time"
(Time is back)


Gr81 said...

At last! Gr8 work "Time"!
Though I don't know much about that "isobelectric.."(Whateva) effect, but I do think this is really effective seeing its low cost! I think you should start submitting your poroject to some competitions (like the Uranium Camp) - This can even be your project for SP in KVPY..!
And yeah, can you post your "Time" presentation too? (Or mail me and I'll post it)

Arun Chaganty said...

Really nice. Could you kind explain a bit though. And of course we all would like to know about the Uranium Camp. I agree, you could present it as a project, but I don't think as an SP project. It's got to be a bit more polished for that. This would work great (or as rasagy would haveit gr8) for schools and places to help interact with students. I think we should always keep that it mind too (thinking about how to encourage science). Great work again.

saurya_time_travel said...

its not fully my idea.. it was some1 else's. I improvised on it and yes I will mail u the Time project ...But its too long yaar. And it's "Triboelectric effect"

@ arun
I will post the Uranium camp thing soon.


Gr81 said...

@Time: We can attach the time presentation in a post (but only if it is small - around 1-2 MB or else who'll download?!!)
But even if it is larger, mail it to me (plz!!) and I'll try and compress it somehow.
And yeah, you can try working on the efficiency (and the initial time that it takes to charge) so that it becomes better - atleast you'll hav a project for school (if not for SP)

Arun Chaganty said...

I'd like to know about your Time presentation too.

saurya_time_travel said...

Here Rash,

I have mailed it 2 u. Mail it to Arun also.(@ arun plz go through it and tell me) U ppl tell me where the explanations are not clear and we can change it a bit. Then we will post it (hope ppl will read it). Its only 121 KB. lol.


TwIsTeR said...

Hii Time.

Nice generator. But I also expected some mention of the help you took from me ~! And that picture, I believe its mine !!!

Nuthin personal man


saurya_time_travel said...

no no its not your's @twih. i got it from Mr. Simon Q Feild. I told u the original idea was his. Thanx to him again.

zinx said...

Hello time, nice work indeed. But could u plz mail me some details. And when the hell is ur "time" presentation coming up. Do it fast plz.

alok said...

can use it as kvpy project