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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Playin wid INtergals

Hey Pravar !

Your post indeed looks puzzling at first sight though its nomore a fallacy than saying both ±2 square to 4! Let me elaborate!

The integrity(literal, not mathematical) of the solutions can be checked by diffrentiating both to get the same result sinX.cosX so where lies the fault ?
Take the two solutions to integral (without the constants mind you... )

I1= (-1/4) * (cos2X)
I2 = (1/2) * (sin2X)

There you go pal with a little of simple maths ...


= (-1/4)*cos2X

= (-1/4)*[1 – 2sin2X] =

= (-1/4) + (1/2)*(sin2X)

= constant + I2

So there ...
The two differ by just a constant!
No wonder they are integrals of the same expression!
It would be better (& correct) practice to insert the constants & then show the result but the catch remains the same...



1 comment:

Gr81 said...

Well, I don't think we'll need any more explanations after that!!

And yeah - We'll be adding some things in the blog regularly - So just don't read the posts but also look here and there - We can also have some polls etc. - Wat do u say??

So plz do keep commenting on whats good and what should be changed in the shoutbox.

And after hearing from the girls abt the nick KVamPYs... Well suggest something better!!