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Monday, May 22, 2006

Light your Bulbs!!

Hey Welcome to our Blog!
Incase u r not sure of what do to next, well this post is just for u!
This blog is a medium to stay in contact with all your KVPY pals - and know whats coking in their mind. Its also a place for u to discuss the wildest or the weirdest ideas that u have - new theories, logic - well anything and everything!
So all u need to do is leave your name and email id in the comments section (Bottom Left of the Post). Since I'm not that good at remembering names, plz remind me with some nick name or something (I'm sorry for that!)
So what u waiting for? Lets start BLOGGING!!!

Rasagy Sharma aka RaSh

1 comment:

Pravar D Mahajan said...

i've created an acc. at blogger.com

now what should i do?

i'm pravar d mahajan

remem' me?

how did you manage to reach the railway station on time on the day of departure?