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Monday, February 26, 2007

The Boards....

Just a short post wishing you all...


If you ever come online between the boards period, do comment with your experiences (Not just about the paper, even about the center/ invigilator/ people around)

Lets see how the boards went throughout the country!!



Ankit said...

Kya physics paper tha??
Definitely not the easiest of papers, certainly a little more lenghthy(is that the right word?) than our pre-boards. It covered a huge range of questions,making it easier for the 80%ters and a little difficult for the high scorers.
Bahut hue expert comments.

I wont ask the usual "how was it?" (atleast a dozen people have uttered the same phrase today while talking to me) and basically it doesn't even matter. I mean if someone really wants to be worried about an examination, choose the one that counts(like the JEE).

I had a beautiful start to the morning with a nice traffic jam, and my centre was perhaps one of the longest schools i have ever seen. It was almost like a railway track and the rooms were atleast a kilometer from the school gate. The distance seems even longer when you are late.
Lekin phir bhi, Maza aaya.
I hope everybody had a nice time today.The next one's chemistry.
Oooh I love it.Chemistry mein i am going to have a lot of time(unless today) because i basically have to attempt only a small section of the paper.(that only a joke )

Wish you all a realaxed examination month (a bit more than a month). No best of luck(come on bhai, do things on your own) but definitely I hope that everyone ends up with something close to what one deserves(Most fused bulbs will make it to iit anyway)


Gr81 said...

Wah Wah Wah!!
Chalo shukar hai kisi aur ka naam to blog par dikha!!

I reached the center at 9 :p Phir paas hi parking mein laga ke 1 ghante tak revise kiya. Phir masti mein paper dene chala gaya. Aur sari masti khatam.. :(

Paper was "lengthy" (yeah right word but wrong spelling ankit.. tututtt.. English mein fail ho jayega :p) I had left 3 ques for the end and barely managed to scribble them.

But yes a few ques were nice. And overall the paper was good. (It becomes better when you meet the GR8 TWISH who is laughing even when he did as badly as u did!)

And yeah All the Best (I wont believe in Luck till I get my IIT result!)

PS: There was an ad about IISER giving 5 yrs integrated MSc course. Any idea if we can apply?

PPS: Just got a letter from KVPY about Summer Program... WHAT IS THIS?? Mai to kisi ko janta bhi nahi! Mujhe 2 weeks ke liye kaun Scientist/Teacher (as Mentor) jhelega??



CBSE has grown up!!!

In short ,The paper setter had taken a vow not to allow ne one to go above 96-97 %.Otherwise it was a conventional Phy paper.
Ya my center was nice , newly furnished for the boards!! reached there at 9:30 to see some nervous faces!

Well all the best for the Chem exams !!! ( my fav )

lion hunter

Gr81 said...

Check out the post on RG's Blog: http://rgdot.blogspot.com/2007/03/one-down-four-to-go.html

And yeah anyone knows anyway to contact IISER?? IISER Kolkata has no email, IISER Pune's site is down :(

Plz get the info about the integrated MSc.

Wat are your plans for the Summer Project??

Sunita said...

and i thought i was the only person to run short of time.
like rasagy i had also left 3 ques. to attempt in the end but wasn't as lucky as him to scribble-run short of time and sheet.expecting an 80 -85.
and yes my centre was adjacent to a helipad.so for an hour we had a continuous lovely screeching noise of a helicopter taking off (or god knows what it was doing).it drove me so mad that i nearly wrote the ampere's circuital law instead of gauss's law.
the centre was a half an hour drive from our school.we went there in a bus jolly picnickers but returned gloomy as convicts.
i agree with ankit will have plenty of time in chemistry and for the same reason too.
@rasagy-the iiser kolkata website is www.iiserkol.ac.in

Arun Chaganty said...

My boards don't start for some time, but as ankit said, if your going to worry about an exam, pick the JEE.

But I too just got that letter on the summer camp. What are your plans? I have no idea what to do. I don't know any mentors either. Any tips on what's to be done?


hey what summer camp r u talkin 'bout? I haven't recieved ne!! well i recieved the cheque 7 days back. When did u get that summercamp letter? what is about? plz tell me.

Gr81 said...

So according to me, this chem paper was the worst paper ever. It was so unbalanced that there were ques which even a class Xth student could do! Seems like I wasted so many hours studying Solid State & Kinetics!

Apart from the Boards, we have 2 Important things to discuss about:

-> Summer Project: For those who dont know, we are suppossed to do a Summer Project during May/ June/ July for about 2-4 Weeks, under the supervision of a mentor from a good institute (Ex: IIT!) and submit the report of the Research Project to the KVPY ppl.

All this to be done using the Contingency Grant :p

Any info from previous ppl plz post here too..

Their ad is a bit misleading as it says KVPY Batch 2006 SA, but its meant for us. Though I dont think there's much use for Non medical ppl to apply... Still keep it as a last option!

PS: Plz Remove Word Verification..

Sunita said...

i agree with rasagy.the ques.paper was substandard but i'm not complaining.nobody who has given a physics paper as bad as mine will complain.
i thank my stars that it was an easy paper i am not great at chemistry.
i call biomolecules and chemistry in everyday life a sheer wastage of time.i opened these chapters the day before the exam.i think everybody would have done the same.
and yes i did not get the letter as well.

Sunita said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
TwIsTeR said...

Wow. It seems little after studyin n burning my **** for day n nite. But i guess I can get 65+. Mayb even 68 !

WOW ... in CHEM !

Cant believe myself.
U wont believe it too given that I finished my syllabus doing P BLOCK in the morning today, 5 mintues before the gates opened. THe good part was, I had everythin FRESH in my mind ! lol



Phyisics ....
hmm ...
Sadly a last step calc error in K LAW has taken its toll on my 70. Else it wazzz gr8.

Oh I m soo much luvin my CBSE experience !!!! YO YO YO Agen !!!

Id like some interesting details...
such as...
to add that my study pattern for the CHEM egg jam followed a rather interesting pattern,
where the sincerity n dedication are inversely proportional to the time left for egg jam.

DAY 1 : 0
DAY 2 : 1
DAY 3 : 2
DAY 4 : 4
DAY 5 : 8 ( till 1 am )

Reminds me of the 1st order reactions. Interesting rate law indeed.
The gud part was the reaction was irreevrsible ! K = dead 8.


Ankit said...

Hi! Friends
Its good to hear twister is enjoying his boards. Well, they are always meant to be enjoyed.
Chem - easy paper. Alright. Some ques like the BCC and order of rxn were pathetic (is there a seperate paper for delhi students and non-delhi ones? )But the paper was basically a typical BOARD EXAMINATION paper - 90-95 is easy for a good student (if one knows the basics), what is difficult is each mark after that.
Last time I forgot to mention another favourite after-exam phrase. Its the "very easy" thing, often accompanied by "sabh sahi hai" or "ek mark shayad gaya" (I wonder how many of them actualy get what they think, and end up with a 95% or more)

Moving on to some serious stuff..
I liked the first order kinetics by Twishmay, looking back I feel my time was even more disorganised.
Rasagy talks about wasting hours. It hurts when you give up Sn,Pb etc. for biochemistry and end up getting a simple mono-oligo-poly question and also a stannate one (where you dont know hydrogen bhi nikalti hai).

The exams are literally over, but the big one still remains......

Arun Chaganty said...

Wow, your exams got over soon, mine just began.

I have ~ bad news, the KVPY guys arent' giving us a big list of everyone whose available, and all. We have to manually go to the institutes webpages and search around they're faculty, and some how cast a few spells so that he believes we aren't a complete waste of time.

As for biomolecules and stuff, you have no idea how much I'd give to be taught that in class. Those things just *ROCK*.

Ankit said...

angreji ke baad main sabse pehle. Wah!

Nice paper(but we already knew what was going to come).Neither did we have that curiousity before the exam, nor that excitement during it and not even the high expectations after it.

Chalo ek aur gaya.
2 more to go.....

Gr81 said...

Well seems like Ankit has finally learnt how to switch on the net!!
Shabash! Aise hi practice karte raho! :D

Well u said everything about the paper - It was made for those who didn't study English the whole year. Options in every ques! Kids play!
Still I dont get 80+ :(

Well enjoy the lllllooooonnnnnnnnggggg break (We have Maths on 22nd Arun... mayb by then ur exams will b over!!)

PS: It feels really gud to see so many ppl commenting regularly!!
PPS: I'll think abt the Project stuff after JEE. Dunno where I'll be able to go to do it :(


i agree with u ankit and rash.
It was a very easy paper but getting marks is n't so . It depends upon the mood of the examiner in literature subjects.
good news is that
11 days gap for Maths
12 days for computer
but after comp only 4 days to king of exams

RG said...

I am not giving the king of exams so expect your rank to be "-1"ed.



hey ! has ne 1 given the 2nd round of National Science Olympiad?? If yes wat is ur rank??