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Saturday, July 19, 2008

OSL- The “Coolest” Place After Midnight!!

I'd never oppose any of you who say, "hostel life is the best", that you'd give anything to come back to the hostel. But, this article is for some of us, you may call spoilt brats, who are ready to forgo the best place… It is for those of us, who want to find the coolest place, literally, and not the best place. Being a Delhite, for me living without A/C is like a nightmare (I can assure you coz I have lived that way too), and Bombay, I'd say is much worse than Delhi, with the unbearable humidity combined with equally abysmal temperature conditions, which at some point even crossed that of Delhi! The only solution was to find an air-conditioned environment. And this is an article about that night, when I along with Twish, or Charsi, as we call him, made that extra effort for the greater good. It is about that night when the two of us, without even caring about the exam the day after went out and searched for THE HEAVEN, for the place which could satisfy the three basic necessities of ours, "the spoilt brats", A/C, WiFi, and Plug point!

We had been to the library once, but found out that even there the A/C is switched off at 9pm. 9 PM! That's precisely when a normal IITian even starts to think that he has books which should be utilized for studying rather than as laptop stands for the HP and Dell laptops! That's when we, after the 1st course of dinner, think that we should plan the day's study! That's when it all starts and they end it then…why? L. Why should we then go to the liby, a place so far off, when the same condition is available even in the hostel. Maybe there is a bit of noise, with the 5.1 Bose speakers shouting for us to come and dance to those foot tapping tunes of some Punjabi singer, but then of there is no A/C why the hell will we travel so far? Just to get tired and spoil the "study mood", and sit in the staff canteen? We needed a place…a place where we can do whatever we want to do, study, play, chat, and everything, and also should have A/C. Comp Centre was an option, so we went there on that unforgettable night, loaded with enthusiasm and our laptop bags, just to be left high and dry…that place was nothing more than a teaser! You go inside, you have A/C, a nice shaant environment, but internet…you wont be able to connect your laptops though…we even tried using the lan wires there just to realize that we hadn't achieved anything, but surely had plugged out a couple of comps from the internet! And just outside what we found was no A/C, but a nice WiFi environment, and yeah, here also we had shaanti! A real teaser…high and dry…

From there, dejected though we are, we still do not give up on our search for that heaven of a place, and hop relentlessly, from MB to GG to KReSIT to where not, to only find everywhere that we, like the wildlife of today, are now in a place which ain't our natural environment. Our natural environment and our basic necessities were no longer available. We realized the bitter truth, that though we are in one of the top institutes of the world, we can't find even a single place that'd suit our comfort, and where we could study without that physical and mental discomfort caused but the unbearable weather. on our way back to the hostel, to become the laughing stock of the whole wing, we stop at the most unlikely of places-the Old Software Lab. It wasn't like we had never been there, I used to literally live there during our CS101 days. I used to study there, sleep there, and used to come back to the hostel only for the morn brushing and bath! But the moment they banned our logins there(after the CS101 got over), I never stepped back into that lab. I was standing there today, way past midnight(I think it was around 2.45 or 3 in the morn), waiting for Twish to switch on his WiFi and confirm that we as usual weren't in the right place. But, as all of you bollywood watchers would have realized, we struck gold this time, or as I can write now, with the rising inflation and the price of crude, we struck oil! We had everything we needed right there, in front of us. This was it…we had done it. This was our very own Terebethia, and that night, the 2 of us had found that magic rope and forged the bridge to Terebethia!

Every night since then, we were there unfailingly, after midnight, playing typeracer or NFS Carbon, or chatting or watching Chak De, & also, I forgot, studying during the free time, for our ongoing endsems!

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rvivekshanmugam said...

Hostel Life is really cool man... I've lived in Hostel during my college 1st yr...
Liked ur Blog very much...
This is Vivek Shanmugam!
Can we exchange links?!
I've already added you to my BlogRoll in my site www dot rvivekshanmugam dot com

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