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Sunday, August 26, 2007

providing a platform ..................since 1988!

its like arun once said, ppl really do have qualms about posting a little post, but hop on while writing massive comments(the list included me till yesterday!).
so at your service, and start typing on about where you are now and in which stream.
we do need to update ourselves!
and i sincerely do hope that the erudite discussions continue..and so do sul and tp posts.

i have got a new topic for discussion........... although it is more sociological and psychological than scientific. survival of the fittest has been a rule for evolution all over the history of earth. but now the mammalian life forms feel a duty to protect its peers, and the peak of culmination of this feeling is the human society as we see it today.
so is the sociey neccesary and if so, why?

first comment about your present whereabouts though.


Navneet said...

hmm...good question to ask...however when you declare that the survival of the fittest is the rule of evolution, you do forget that this rule doesn't stand all by itself...it comes into being all due to the first tenet of darwinism which says that the resource in always limiting (duh!)...had this not been the case, there would have been no need for evolution to take place in the first place.

now once we've got that cleared, there's the whole new talk (shepherded by dr. richard dawkins) who says that the ultimate selection that happens is that of the genes and not the being.
taking this into consideration, you could arrive at a pleasant solution that society in some way or the other strives to protect its own germplasm and thus might display altruistic behaviour in certain cases.

the question for you and others though is: will a change from hetero to homosexuality benefit the humankind evolutionarily?

p.s: you're right...the comments surely are long :)

obiwankenoby said...

this question you ask, aside from snide sniggers, has too many layers woven into it..

how did the need for society arise at all?why did we mammals feel that we need to trust ppl and once we share common interests we dont harm each other?
yes it does protect its own germplasm.. that is the basic plan.
you see the reptilian brain is not aas developed as mammalian.. so they couldnt even dream of using a group to stay together.....with exceptions like ants.
so when a person who is the 'survivor of the fittest' comes in our midst, amazingly he does not survive.
this is because we think that if he can harm others and win over we can be his prey one day.
this is the gift of imagination that we developed during our evolution, and our better brains.