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Monday, June 04, 2007


Guys, i know some of you will bash me for this...........for coming up with something so obvious on a site thats supposed to be 'kind of' intellectual. But let me assure you, i tried to pull off many times before sitting down to write it.
About ten days ago, i had never heard of the group of people called gujjars(probably, not many of you had either) and now they are all over the news channels(OK, the news people are known for highlighting the bad things more than the good ones - imagine seeing kvpy fellows on the front page of the newspaper........and now imagine seeing mr.telgi there- lets not take this further), ya....i was talking about the gujjars, or probably in a much larger sense about reservations. The basic purpose behind the agitations, the nationwide protest is not to get them reservations, but to remove them from the OBC category and put them into the ST category, sounds funny to hear that a backward class could gather so much support to burn buses and block roads.
OK, now before this turns into a news report, i'll come to the point. Just as the whole scene about reservations in iit has kind of initiated this revolt by a small section of our society(not small, if we go by the areas they are trying to destroy), there is a possibility that with the politicians looking to fan the feelings of caste division, this idea may travel places and a lot more of the local leaders may come up with similar demands. But before i sign off, i must appreciate Mr.Arjun Singh for his efforts and look - they are paying off beautifully. It seems quite obvious now, what his motives and his vision for India is like, and unless something really dramatic happens(like a young powerful PM(waise, 50 is young by IST) or something) my heart feels a little sad that things are not looking very bright for our country.

With all that useless talk having gone into your heads, I think the next time i post, it will surely be something more interesting and informative.....probably something on computer science.


obiwankenoby said...

not yet ankit!
the gujjars-issue is actually quite relevant to the whole of student community..and kvpy-ians.

and the problem is once again, corruption...i believe there are more apt words but at a basic level________(shrug!).

and this is actually a subject i have been thinking after i got free of the examinations.... about our country...u know the wordsworth terminology of a pensieve mood, i guess, when sweet nothings come to mind, and i found out.....IDEALISM.

i guess there is no other way this degradation can be stopped.i mean how orthodox it sounds!but i am not talking of how the indian way of life is superior over the world and how we should take over...no!

but at a basic level again all these fail when we fail to act when we should have.
i will follow up again, though.

saurya_time_travel said...

obi is rite.
this is a big issue for every one especially the kvpy-ians.

but something seems obvious and unavoidable. the country is being driven into a civil war. a war that will change everything for ever. a war unfortunately driven by caste and fanned by the govt. and the war has started, raging not in fields with guns and swords but rite here rite now, in the intellectual community, on the net, and everywhere u can lay ur eyes on.

for those against the reservations have the support of India inc. and ones against of the govt and sheer number.

we just cannot hope this was off. we r all in it. and we all r fighting - in one way or the other.

some say it's time to make a reality of Rang de Basanti. Others can just say

"Mr. Arjun Singh - GET WELL SOON"

Jai Hind

obiwankenoby said...

wow, saurya certainly DOES have strong feelings and i certainly can say without such eloquence that i do love my country but i dont like the way things are shaping up...........
i had been in my hostel for too many years but now i see, and am shocked, at how strong and common regionalism and casteism is. although the financially challenged do need reservations, when will the 'creamy layers' be removed off? but idealism comes from within..........and believe it guys i have turned an idealist of late.................hold the sniggers there plz! lol.

okay bye.....anymore posts?
yes please!