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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

IIT Results

It's no secret that most of us (at least in the MPC branch) are IIT aspirants. So, how did we all do? Please post your results (and your expected marks) below.


Arun Chaganty said...

Ok, I'm first off.

Name: Arun Chaganty
Reg. No.: 6021132
Rank: 413
Approximate Mark Estimate: 320

I hope you all did well!

saurya_time_travel said...

wow arun ! u r soaring ...

am next ..

Name: Saurya 'Time' Mishra
Reg No. 5062024
Rank: 1311
Approx mark Estimate: 280

wat bout u fellas ??


Itz great to hear that almost all of the KVPYians have cleared one of the toughest exams ....

Name:-Lagnajeet Das
Approximate Mark Estimate-330

TwIsTeR said...

Im depressed.

Name : Twishmay Shankar
Reg No : 2053453
Rank : 1019
Appx Mark Estimate : 305
Comments : Im f*kd up. Useless.

More :
CONGRATS for ur gr8 result !

Arun Chaganty said...

Initially I thought that well the marks and the ranks were pretty ok-ly aligned. I expected somewhat my result (I expected in the 300-400 range actually). But now looking at it, it seems a bit awkward. There were of course a few debatable questions (which I forced my teachers into looking my way). Humph.

I know several folks who hit the 100-200 barrier. (I think Dinesh from the south batch was one).

I'd like to remind everyone here that we are KVPY-ians, therefore by default our talents are a superset of our marks. (I then further degrade maths by saying that using lambda calculus and the reimann-zeta function, the exponent of the Lydbreg constant, and a pair of toothpicks, we will still achieve world domination. MUWHAHAHAHAHA!!!).

P.S. How'd Rash do?

P.P.S. Please keep the world domination thing secret. Hush....

ashis said...

Hi, this is zinx.
Congrats 2 all of u.
Sorry 4 being away for such a long time.
Rank: 155
Reg. no.: 5058351
Expected marks: 350
Plz keep informing about the instis u would join along with the banches

Ankit said...

Hi, this is Ankit.
I m a little late, i think

Rank: 82

Reg. no.: do u need it?

Expected marks: 378 +- quite a few match the followings(i had said it b4 but i'll say it again, wat were they doin in the jee paper?)

wish all of u luck for ur future, waise i'll always be happy if luck favours everyone equally(i hope this one is not a repeat)


sandeepan said...

hello everybody, spidy here. congrats for terrific results.
perhaps i'm the only KVPYian who didnt get the IIT, but then since i wasnt preparing for it, i have no qualms.
A lot of KvamPYs got through the ISI exam! one of the toughest maths exams. some of the ones i know are:
Abhilash Maji (dedicated bhakt)
Ashish Kumar (the pest)
Tushar Mahapatra
Kumar Ashish Pati (zinx)
and me!

obiwankenoby said...

well at last
i did get a rank in iit, but it is a 4044.
my score was approximately 230.
and it ails me that i have to go to iiser with such a bad rank.i had a mind to read basic sciences with the world at my feet though.

but disappointments apart, i am pretty happy for you ppl.and sandeepan is actually better off becoz ISI,with apologies, is harder to get in than iit.and with a larger payscale assured, yes!

Arun Chaganty said...

I agree with obiwan, if your passion is maths, then there is NO place like ISI. HUGE congrats to sandeepan and the others for getting in. I'd also say awesome stuff to ankit for getting < 100. Well, lets see what happens to all of us.

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