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Friday, December 15, 2006

the return of sith :-)

hi there! i came back from skool yesterday and went through the whole blog. the idea was great i think.to start a blog that lays importance to the subtle nuances of physics and maths(not much of a chemistry there).and i m rlly happy that the posts have not dried up.as per catching up - it was good to hear that ftse was actually a mess. u know wat? a friend of a friend of mine,mutual friend that is, reads in fiitjee delhi classroom courses and he told us that they were taught in advance in the discussion classes abt 80% of the sums - a leak if there ever was one.assuming of course that he wasnt, u know, throwing off.anyway i was down in confidence for weeks.sort of brings things into perspective, doesnt it?
anyway i will be posting one on organic pretty soon - its been neglected for long.
pss:i will be staying here till 27th.then i wont come back to home till march.


Arun Chaganty said...

yeah! finally a bulbs been lit. I guess we don't really have too much logical analysis or bleeding edge stuff in chemistry. I'm most definitely wrong, and hopefully you'll show just how wrong. Actually, I'm in FIITJEE, and we didn't have any of that, and I must say my monkey theory is a lot nicer. (I'm sure you've all heard of the thing about if you shove 50 monkeys in a room with a typewriter, you'll get them to type Shakespeare).

Arun Chaganty said...
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Gr81 said...

Well atlast someone posted... I almost stopped visiting the blog!

Well everyone seems to be busy with their Engg preparations... So I understand they can't come online as frequently as I do (lolzz coz I'm not busy at ALL!!)

And as for Chem, I still dont like it (Well u wont if u get 14/182 in Chem and 120/182 in Maths in AITS :p)

As for FIITJEE... Well "FIITJEEian Today, IITian Tomorrow" - Thats what they say rite!

Ankit said...

A friend of mine from Dehradun got ftse rank 1(and a lot of money, ofcourse) and he is not from fiitjee regular. Whoever u heard it from, is perhaps just making excuses.
I have learnt a very easy way to improve performances during the jee(as in performance during jee and the way is to be implemented before it).Its easy as everyone knows it and difficult coz no one can actually do it perfectly.The secret is to accept mistakes and once we have done that successfully, the improvement is automatic. lol!!
I hope i do it myself some day.

Just to defend Chemistry,(why do i love to be alone on one side facing all the others??) I think chem marks actually show how much a person wants the jee.Since we are all equals(as in, so called natural intelligence has very little role to play )the one who works harder gets more.I have realized in the past few seconds that my own chem marks have not been so great. Its time to get our heads down on focus.(Why do i always seem to know the way but can never walk it?)
I wonder how many of you watched the cricket match recently.India has won at last huh!!

Arun Chaganty said...

Wow, maybe we are getting lit up again. I like chem alot, and it used to be my fav. subject at the end of 10th (mainly because my chem teacher was a really really good one).
@Rash: I actually started to slow my visits to the sites. I've failed my promise of posting, but I'll assure you that I have higher ideals in store (programming)

@Ankit: as for natural intelligence, it matter one heck of a lot, but most of us are quite bright (our coils are just fused from being overbright), so we don't notice. At higher levels, hardwork matters a lot. And natural intelligence is also a matter of work. If you take a great interest in learning, then you tend to be a bit smarter as you go along.

obiwankenoby said...

to arun-hey that was random theory sort of thing.sorry for the promise that was not fulfilled-the chemistry one.the aits got in the way-and i didnt even know about it till the day bafore!now can u match tht?
to rash-u fiitjeeians rock i m absolutely sure of that.but i was stuck up with i couldnt ever do it thingy till last month.
to ankit-i guess it WAS uncalled for but that day i was a little pent up and wrote up the FIITJEE thing-it was a boy from asansol-the mutual friend.so apologies FIITJEEians.
recently i came up with an idea of an unconventional career-being a teacher.surely i didnt ever think of it that way and guess wat ?i found it good.i think i am best at physics(and i want to be at maths -shrug)and can take up a career at .....FIITJEE?so thats the story folks.think its good?/
fire off though-u ppl seem genuine champ material.i am still in the no-coaching-psychology-u know tht?its a psychological affliction that leads to underconfidence and consequently to less study periods.
fusable eh?look at the length of it.and do tell me of your adventures on 17 dec-fiitjee day

Ankit said...

I realized(on reading my own comment) that there were a few grammar mistakes and the tone wasn't quite what i wanted it to be.

to obiwankenoby- I think Arun is the only Fiitjeeian here. Rash and I are from different institutes.Anyways, my comment was a more general one and it was almost a coincidence that it came along with the other stuff.

to Arun- i said " so called natural intelligence " . We can all have different views on the phrase natural intelligence. I used "so called" to give that power to the reader. Hard work has its own place but people with same amount of work dont always get the same results(I think what i wrote was closer to this argument rather than what it seemed like there).

to rash- ur last comment was some time ago. Getting into pre-board mood?

This is perhaps my last say on the blog atleast for a month . I will catch you guys later.

Arun Chaganty said...

whoa horse-y.
Let me get one thing very clear here:
I have absolutely no love for FIITJEE
Let me get one thing hazily clear here:
I have absolutely no love for coaching classes, though I am in one.

I believe rather strongly in that a coaching class is like cheating. There are students out there who are preparing without coaching classes, and are doing fine. And their doing it on their own. That is my paradigm for true success. Doing something internally all on your own.

In that respect, I guess I've less hatred for F* than the other places I've heard of, since they give us really liberal hours, in which we can screw ourselves or prepare really hard. I manage to fit myself on the fine line.

I guess this is pretty much like a post/rant (see my intro) The one thing I hate the most is someone who doesn't want to be anything at all, followed by those who want to get into the IIT's *just* for the name and the cash. I don't know how many of yous are out there, but I have a good faith that all of you want to be something. (I do mean other than the *best*. Sure its a great thing to want, but I'd expect 17 years down the line one would get more specific).
I bring this up because thats pretty much what coaching classes advocate: Just write the IIT and then decide on what to do in life. Most of my classmates have no idea what to do in life. And most of them do not study/learn for the fun of it. (which violates try to do what you truly like principle). Worst part is they are kinda freaked out that I actually like science (bio and chem incl) and like learning.

If people followed my principles, we'd have a heck of lot less competition (but the competition would be pretty darn good). Your views...

Anonymous said...

could you give any idea as to how one could prepare for the kvpy interview?
is there any specific branch or topic in any of the subkects that one should focus on?