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Sunday, October 22, 2006


Hello again all of you. I am back, with a spicy second part of my article. The contents of this article as well as the one it follows is a collection of well laid facts cemented with the author's own ideas. Thanx 4 reading guys, enjoy. Please refer to the previous section wjenever in doubt.

Let us now extend our view of the symmetry about the big bang, we can go forth to say that the previous universe too must have originated from another big bang. Therefore, this brings us back to the concept of oscillating universe theory. However, the problem with oscillating universe is Entropic considerations. The problem is the following:

The oscillating universe theory says the entropy of all the singularity states of the universe have same entropy. Now let us assume the whole of the universe as one system. Suppose right here right now, I drop an egg and break it. I have thus increased the entropy of the universe. However, when our universe reaches its next big crunch, the entropy has to be same as that of the last singularity. There is the problem, entropy remaining constant although the system is experiencing an irreversible process. I will try to provide an explanation for it.

All of us know about supernovae explosions. Some parts of a dying star blows off as a huge explosion into the realms of the vast universe, and the remaining collapse into a tiny dwarf star. Let’s apply this logic to the entire universe.

Let S1 and S2 be two singularity states. A big bang at S1, expansion, and then contraction and finally a big crunch at S2 are the sequence of events. The change in Entropy is ΔE. According to Boltzmann postulate or the definition of Entropy,
ΔE = kb (ln Ω1 - ln Ω2) where, the sigma are the no of ways in which the same microscopic arrangements can be restored from a starting state.
So what we do now is very simple. We ‘transfer’ all the disorder in the whole of the universe to say a few moles of gas molecules. We outcast there molecules and allow the rest of the universe to move into singularity 2.

Let me make this more lucid. While playing billiards (or pool or snookers ... whatever), on a perfectly friction less table, we first break the triangular arrangement in the middle by a slow strike, the balls go a little haywire and keep moving and colliding with each other. As these collusions continue, the entropy is constantly increasing with time. But there is a remote possibility that say seven of these balls will again come back and form a tight arrangement. The remaining two will remain in a state of even increased randomness. Thus we can say that the entropy got localized to the two balls or got transferred from the other seven balls to the two.

This is one way in which we can satisfy both the oscillating universe theory and the second law of thermodynamics. But this too has a lot of problems of its own. First and the most important is that it is unable to explain the birth of the universe (I am talking about the real birth – the first big bang) and it too says that there has to be some thing beyond our universe.

It says our universe is constantly losing its mass into darkness (dark energy?). It predicts a very gruesome death to our lovely universe. A heat death scenario – a situation when there will be no energy gradients and hence there will be no process. (All processes require flow of energy.) But certainly it has done one good thing for sure, it has increased the life span of our universe to much beyond of what Big bang theory had proposed. It never says that the Big bang theory is wrong but it says that the big bang was not the beginning but only a phase change in the history of our universe.

I will not end this article with a conclusion as conclusions are for the readers to devise. It is a philosophical question and until we find a proof we can only speculate. We are like a child who presses its nose on a mirror, accepting it to be window. He knows it is not the reality. It is only the preconception in his mind. Reality lies beyond the glass- break it open. But he is afraid that in the process of breaking open the mirror and discovering the reality, he will destroy his well constructed sand castle.

Saurya Time Mishra

PS: Sorry if u couldn't c the comments before. Dunno y, but still, u can add them now!



Arun Chaganty said...

Hey. Lovely lovely post. I thought of a lot of counter points, but as soon as I was about to state it, you covered it. No offense, but the line cemented by the author's own comments isn't very nice. Can't wait for the third installment

saurya_time_travel said...

hey Arun, That was the last part of the article and there is no third installment. but certainly i am comming up with more articles, just wait and wach.. (I had got cement in my heat when i wrote the first para... ;))


Arun Chaganty said...

Hmmm, actually I've been re-reading this post, and I have my doubts as to how you 'outcast' a few moles of gas from the universe. What do you out-cast it into?

I think there is a version (mine actually), where you chuck this entropy into another universe (parallel universes end up being products of QM and ST). I guess that might explain it, but what do you say?