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Friday, September 15, 2006



& Heyy Arun...
Your previous comment appeals to me big time for I'll share something with ya pal ! Even as I write this, therez a thought in my brain telling me to do it with adibatic & reversible processes as far as possible so that there is least increase in the entropy of the universe. When I walk, I think of taking the shortest route possible only because I don't want entropy to increase. Only that I realized it sometime last year that thinking to conserve entropy, I was infact increasing it ! The entropy I saved walking a hypotenuse-cut through a park was little compared to the effort I spent thinking about it. The heat released in my brain, the possible disorders etc etc.
Today it occurs it me, whether it was of any use ? Is entropy actually that bad ? Infact is a broken glass any worse than a not-so-broken one ? Well, science discusses the objectivity of a problem but what decides its subjectivity ?
Infact whats the definition of wrong & right ?
NOW ... thats too many questions at once ! That too very much varied.

Well. Okay. what about "" DISORDER "". Thats what ENTROPY if a degree of. But if ""DISORDER"" really that objective ? Or mayb we can define DISORDER in terms of entropy. Well, then is an act of murder a disorder or order ?
Im sure this is not a question answerable by science. Nor does science intend to adress such queries. But wat about them ?
I have a little piece of writing on entropy that I'll shortly post, something that I wrote an year back.

As for H U P , hmm... even I went through the same thoughts once! Though its intriguing to know that waves of particlas are considered to be waves only because there is to means to look into the wave !
Infact the de-Broglie thingy is pretty much the same thing as the HUP... just 2 ways to say the same thing. The same thing being that weather we say that there exists a particle which is smeared across a region in space, or there's a wave not a particle which is present, its the same thing !

Indeed theres a lot of similarity in our thinking Arun ... hmmm


Will try & be regular with some posts !

PS: Sry Gawd for all this increase in entropy...

1 comment:

Arun Chaganty said...

I agree mate. All great minds think alike (and so do fools). However, I don't think that HUP and deBroglie are the same. HUP says that whatever you do you can be certain of p AND pos at the same time. Whereas, deBroglie says that all particles show wave-particle duality.