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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


So I am a newcomer here. Still to write my intro post. Shall write that alongwith the first ever bio-based post on this blog(hopefully).

Till then here's something for you to ponder over. To the nearest order could you tell me the number of electrons present in a human body? (For assumption sake, take the average weight to be about 50 kilograms...I know quite optimistic but its okay for science's sake)

Till next time. Take care.
Oh...this is Navneet by the way.


Gr81 said...

Hey Welcome to Our blog!

Waiting to see a "Bio" post (Myb it'll mak me change my views about Bio..)


TwIsTeR said...





C ya mate !


Arun Chaganty said...

hey man. We could always use some fresh blood.

RG said...

Well it is quite impossible to "guess" the number of electrons. For that, we need:

1) Exact quantity of every compound and element in our body, without leaving out a single one.

2) Knowledge of the hybridisation/mot of every compound so as to find the number of electrons.

We can't have both of the above coz no scientist has the time. The best way? Consider neutrons alone. Negligate electrons and divide 50 kg by the mass of a neutron. Whatever number you get can be technically called as the number of electrons, because a neutron can emit an electron. Like this, assuming that each compound has rougly 2-3 free electrons and 2-30 bonded (with negligible mass as compared to the compound itself), the maximum negative error you arrive at is around a few thousand electrons.

Precise enough.

However, finding the number of electrons as they are (not counting neutrons) requires the 2 parameters mentioned above.

RG said...

And, yes, the answer to your question is : I cannot.

Gr81 said...

Seems like we have another fused bulb here... now lighting our blog with his ideas..
And so as a reward (which he does deserve) I feel ppl wont mind if RG joins our blog as a guest writer...

PS: Mayb u shuld check this post on http://rgdot.blogspot.com/2006/09/invisibility-spinvisibility.html

Enigma Man said...

thanks for the welcome everyone.
@rg: well you got quite close to it...and like i said, its an approximation to the nearest order...i haven't asked for the exact no. plus its an absurd question so really makes no difference.

so the solution lies in the fact that you need to neglect the weight of an electron and since each nucleus has almost equal protons and neutrons(atleast in the human body since we don't have heavy atoms)...just divide the weight by twice the weight of a proton/neutron...which shall give you the answer...i don't remember exactly but its something like 10^27.