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Thursday, June 08, 2006

a spark of light

Ok kvpyians! I'm spidy again with a new identity. I lost my password and was unable to post. Here's another of those 1=2s. This is a sort of general one for twish's first 1=2.

(n+1)^2 = n^2 + 2n + 1
or, (n+1)^2 - (2n+1) = n^2
subtracting n(2n+1),
or, (n+1)^2 - (n+1)(2n+1) = n^2 - n(2n+1)
or, (n+1)^2 - (n+1)(2n+1) + 1/4(2n+1)^2 = n^2 - n(2n+1) + 1/4(2n+1)^2
or, (n - 1/2)^2 = (n + 1/2)^2
or, (n - 1/2) = (n + 1/2)
or, -1/2 = +1/2
or, 1 = 0
or, 2 = 1 !!

All this while we have had maths and physics discussed in our blog. I feel the time has come for the budding chemists to make us feel their presence. So an open question: what is the fundamental reason behind the optical activity of enantiomers?
LeTs SpArK oUr BuLbS!


Sunita said...

Hi spidy!
Maybe u have made a mistake
which is obvious.

Gr81 said...

Well, I reckon Sunita is rite - u can edit your post when u figure out what went wrong!
And yeah, I hav no idea about Chemistry, so don't expect any post on it from me!!

CJ said...

BTW, i saw the same thing on web some day and the mistake u are doing is that when u cancel the squares on both sides, a + and - sign comes on both sides and not always a + sign.