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Friday, June 23, 2006

Height measuring barometer

How would you measure the height of a tall building using a barometer?

SIMPLE! Find the number of barometers the building is equal to and multiply with the height of one barometer!

Not scientific???

Go to the top of the building, drop the barometer, measure the time it takes to reach the ground and use formula h=1/2 gt2. (But, poor barometer!!)

If you don’t want the barometer to be harmed
Find the weight of the barometer on the ground and that on the top of roof. Then use formula: g’/g = (R/R+h)2!!!

If you ask me, I’d simpy go to the designer of the building, and ask if he needs a new barometer then he should tell me the height of the building.

By the way, did anyone think of using P=hdg???


roshan said...

Nice blog that has been setup
By the way the anon comment on the spring was by me.......I dunno how i didnt sign in..
Well isnt this the Neils Bohr BArometer legend

bravura said...

nice idea parvar. i see that the camp has turned u into a true scientist.

Gr81 said...

lol cool ideas man!
But I liked the 2nd last one - who's gonna take so much trouble calculating stuff, if u can ask the architect!

SZA said...

actually u could go on the roof, take a rope, tie it with the baro hang it till it touches ground.
then H= length of( rope+ barometer ) this will save the expense of the barometer!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm in class 11 and will be giving the kvpy exam next month.can u give a general idea as to how could i prepare for it and what kind of questions to expect?